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5 Dashcam videos that restored our faith in humanity

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5 Dashcam videos that restored our faith in humanity

These random acts of kindness will restore your faith in humanity and make a nice change from the horrific crashes and awful road rage usually caught on dashcams

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Biker pulls girl from wreckage

After witnessing a horrific crash, this motorcyclist stops to drag a girl from the wreckage of her overturned car without even hesitating.

Good samaritan helps an elderly woman

There’s no greater feeling than having a person tell you they’re a mechanic when your car breaks down. This lady just had her lucky day.

Good guy driver wipes snow from a cars rear lights

This guy got out of his car in the snow to help the car in front who was probably completely oblivious to the whole thing.

Bikers hold up the highway to save a dog

Bikers passing by stop the traffic to catch a dog and prevent it from getting run over. Meanwhile the dog is loving life, playing with the bikers.

Guy misses his bus but luckily this moped hero was nearby

This biker was riding along when he saw a man miss his bus. So he pulls over and gives the guy a lift, what a champ!

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