8 Reasons to convert to a fleet insurance policy

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Reason #1 – One renewal date for all vehicles.

No more having to remember to renew each vehicle as and when they are due. Your broker will look after your renewal ensuring you get the most competitive rates, saving you time and hassle not to mention the extra stress. How simple does that make it?!

Reason #2 – Much less admin and only one contract and payment.

Let’s face it, paperwork is the worst part of any job so anything that can cut down on it must be a good thing. One contract and one payment means less time sorting through files and more time doing the things you want or need to do to grow your business.

Reason #3 – No Claims Bonus (NCB) can be carried across to the fleet policy.

So you’ve worked hard to protect your no claims bonus discount all this time and prevented accidents where possible, are rewarded for it when you renew? Well, have no fear, you can usually transfer across the NCB straight to your new fleet policy and reap the rewards of lower insurance premiums.

Reason #4 – Five+ vehicles will be VERY competitive.

If you have 3 or more vehicles individually insured, a fleet insurance policy could be a cheaper option. Fleet policies with five or more vehicles are nearly always cheaper than separately insuring vehicles.

Reason #5 – The bigger the vehicles (Vans or Trucks) the more competitive the premium.

Right now the insurance market is very competitive for fleets with vehicle classes of 3.5t and over. Our brokers have access to the leading fleet underwriters and are often able to secure better cover for a lower a premium.

Reason #6 – 
Fleet specialist account managers and importantly fleet specialist claims handling.

Individual insurance policies often don’t include the specialist services that fleet clients need, such as like for like replacement vehicles. With a fleet policy you’re in safe hands from the word go, with everyone from your broker, to the claims handling service being specialists in the needs of your fleet.

Reason #7 – Drivers can drive any vehicles.

Fleets always tell us that having the flexibility for any driver to drive any vehicle is one of the biggest perks to having fleet insurance. They are able to schedule their working days more efficiently without the worry of who’s insured to drive which vehicle or the hassle of amending policies.

Reason #8 – New vehicles added with no-NCB get the same fleet rate.

If your fleet is expanding, with a fleet policy you’ll be pleased to know that even though they won’t have earned any No Claims Bonus (NCB), they will still benefit from the same great rates as the rest of the fleet.

Now you know the benefits of a fleet policy, get a quote for one in just a few minutes!

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