AA supports’s call for diesel price cut

The AA has backed’s call for fuel retailers to cut the price of diesel at the pumps.

The motoring organisation confirms UK drivers are paying up to 3p a litre more than they should for fuel. It says the latest pump prices have created a price-gap between petrol and diesel of 5.23p a litre, despite the gap at wholesale-price level averaging just 0.8p over the past month.

Kjell Anderton, a director of – repeating his demand for lower pump prices – said: “This simply can’t be justified. Indeed, it’s terribly unfair. As EU Commission statistics show, unlike neighbouring countries the UK has failed to pass on the near-parity of wholesale petrol and diesel prices to drivers at the pumps.”

According to the AA, the extra 3p a litre is taking £1.5 million a day out of diesel drivers’ pockets.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “The pump price battleground is usually centred on petrol, the UK’s headline car fuel. However, the pumped-up price of diesel so far this summer is hitting 35% of UK car owners and is inexcusable. Neighbouring European countries have passed on the benefit of lower diesel wholesale costs to their drivers while the UK’s fuel industry has chosen to siphon off the savings.

“It has long been known that, for short periods, diesel margins can be a penny or so higher than petrol. Yet greater local price competition, more miles to the gallon and a longer time between fill-up has meant that the diesel mark-up has gone largely unnoticed.

“This summer the gap is too big, gone on for too long and is therefore even more unfair. Additionally, with businesses passing the higher diesel costs for transport and deliveries direct to their customers, the inflated pump price is hurting non-drivers as well.”

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