Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking is used widely across the world and owners of cargo or such like can see where their vehicle/cargo is by just a touch of a button on their mobile phone.

Global Freight companies often track products for their customers, these products can range from something as small as a parcel to large containers. A GPS chip is fitted to the product being tracked and therefore allows it to be a moveable unit. This works perfectly for Haulage companies and major delivery companies as they operate vehicles that have detachable loads and their cargo is more often than not, precious.

It has been reported that large companies such as Coca Cola use GPS vehicle Tracking Technology to track items such as refrigerators to ensure they arrive at the correct destination. By inputting points of interest into their tracking systems they can pinpoint certain kiosks and outlets and then use this information to accurately plan routes. Manufacturers can use this method to track the life of office and computer equipment and potentially vehicles and machinery. It therefore gives an up to date figure of fixed asset and an insight into making future purchases. The opportunities that tracking systems offer are endless.

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