Theresa May’s appointment as PM is a “positive day” says ABI

British Insurers promise to work closely with the new PM over Brexit issues regarding the insurance industry.


The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has spoken about Theresa May becoming Prime Minister.

The director general of the ABI, Huw Evans, congratulated Theresa on becoming the second woman prime minister.

“The appointment of our second woman Prime Minister is a positive day in British public life which will hopefully encourage many more women to stand for election to Parliament,” Huw said.

The trade body had worked closely with her personally during her time as shadow Work & Pensions Secretary and also with May’s Home Office team during the reform of riot damages legislation he added.

Evans concluded: “We will engage constructively and effectively with the new UK government in the months and years ahead as it navigates our exit from the European Union and the many public policy issues which our industry engages with.”


The Climate Change Levy (CCL) are you over paying it?

The Climate Change Levy (CCL), are you over paying it?

Untitled-1There are discount and exclusion options available

The CCL has been around since 2001 and yet many business owners still don’t know much about it.

What is the Climate Change Levy?

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an environmental tax designed to encourage businesses to become more environmentally friendly. The tax seeks to deter businesses from relying too heavily on fossil fuels (electricity, gas and solid fuels) and switch to renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and hydro power.

Use our checklist to see if you’re Eligible for a discount or an exemption >


At the moment, the CCL is automatically added onto your business energy bill by your supplier, but there are exclusion options and discounts available that you might not know about.

We’ve put together a check to help check if you’re over paying on CCL and could be eligible for a discount or even be exempt from paying it all together.


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New cross channel electricity cable set to double French energy supplies to the UK

A £1.1bn cross Channel electricity cable has been announced. The privately funded project will double the amount of energy the UK currently gets from France.

normandie3_startThe cable, known as an interconnector, will start close to Portsmouth in Lovedean, and run a 150 mile route all the way to Le Havre in France and is set to be ready for use in 2021.

The Ukrainian businessman Alexander Temerko and Aquind are the developers behind this project.

The National Grid, which has already signed a connection agreement, plans to receive up to 2 gigawatts from the cable. Which is enough to supply 4 million homes

The Privately funded company, is securing a connection agreement with the French at the moment and says that if the market conditions allow for it then energy can be transferred either way across the channel.

“With a growing energy supply gap threatening UK households and businesses, there’s an urgent need for a fast and reliable way to introduce new capacity. The interconnector will significantly ease the pressure on the UK grid and reduce the risk of blackouts,” – Lord Callanan, a director at Aquind,

UK energy prices have drifted higher than the French equivalent over recent years making it cheaper for us to have energy supplied by France and this new interconnector will help deal with that demand

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Vehicle Cameras

[VIDEO] This guy has the most British reaction to flipping a car ever!

The most British reaction ever to flipping a car!

Watch this driver have the most British reaction ever after his car flips over when he tries to avoid an oncoming car on the wrong side of the road.

WARNING: Strong language.

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Christopher Telford had a lucky escape when his car flipped over as he tried to avoid a head on collision with a car in the wrong lane. Christopher admits he was lucky to walk away with very minor injuries and was in a state of shock as he has one of the funniest and calmest reactions to the whole experience. 

“Well that was f**king scary”

Luckily Christopher was testing out his head-cam when the incident happen and he caught it all on tape. Not only does this make for an amazing video to watch but without it, proving to the insurance company that the accident wasn’t his fault would have been near impossible. This highlights the huge benefits to having dashcams installed in your vehicles!

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How to keep your fleet insurance premiums low

How to keep your fleet

insurance premiums low

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shutterstock_318208025Insurance premiums have risen over the years dramatically. We spoke to insurance brokers and underwriters alike to find out the best tips on how you can reduce your premiums.

1 Risk management – start with a risk assessment, ask your insurer to check your claims history to identify areas for improvement.

2 Driver training – There are a lot of driver training programs available and whilst not all insurers offer an instant discount, training is still likely to reduce your claims history which will defiantly be recognised by insurers.

3 Vehicle Cameras – Witness dash-cams provide important data for defending claims and swiftly settling non-fault claims. Cash for crash scams can also be easily faltered with forward facing cameras and insurers have been quick to recognise this.

4 Young drivers – Many young driver claims happen at night so it’s a good idea to look closely at your policies for young drivers and restricted them to business use only. Also look into extra training for young drivers

5 Telematics – The business case for telematics in fleets alone is enough to consider, but many fleets don’t realise that it will also lower your insurance premiums. Much like cameras it can provide valuable information about crashes, but it can also be used to improve driver behaviour.

6 Combined insurances – speak to a broker about combining your public liability, employee liability and fleet insurance. Grouping all your insurances together can greatly improve the value for money on policies.

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How will brexit effect your energy bill – the good, the bad and the ugly

How will brexit effect your energy bill – the good, the bad and the ugly

20131243153252734_20Following the UKs vote to leave the EU what does this mean for your energy bill, is it all doom and gloom?

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The Good

0% VAT on Energy Bills

Boris Johnson plans to scrap VAT on energy bills saving the UK £2 billion a year tax on gas and electricity prices. The good news is if you switch to a fixed tariff today you can still benefit from the 0% VAT in the future when it happens.

The Bad

Rise in cost of wholesale energy

With the UK importing 50% of its energy supply, the falling pound sterling may increase the cost of buying energy wholesale from overseas. This cost may unfortunatly get passed on to the consumers without fixed tariffs

The Ugly

The Ugly truth is no one can tell the future

Unfortunately no one knows what will definitely happen following brexit, all you can do is try and cover all bases and whether the storm. Luckily for you we can make this a Win/Win situation for you. Get a quote today and get a fixed low price for up to 5 years and avoid the rising prices as the pound drops in value. Then the beauty is if VAT does get scrapped you will still benifit from that too.

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Vehicle Cameras

9 Reasons Why Fleets Should Install Vehicle Camera Systems


Reason 1: Protect against crash-for-cash scams

One of the reasons that fleets install dash cams is to provide protection against crash-for-cash scams, which, in recent years have become a big issue for UK businesses with Birmingham and parts of London identified as the UK’s top hotspots.

The scam usually involves a road user slamming on the brakes suddenly or unnecessarily to deliberately cause an accident where the following driver can be blamed for smashing into them.

This problem can be eliminated with a forward-facing camera to show footage of whether there was a need to slam on the brakes or not.

The video below was used in a high profile case to combat a crash-for-cash scam. In it you can clearly see a car slowing down on a dual carriageway for no apparent reason, forcing the driver to take to stop in the outside lane. Despite stopping he then collides with the fraudster after he himself is hit from behind by another vehicle.

This video was vital evidence that proved he was not at fault and the total cost saving was an estimated £45k!

Is it time your fleet looked into installing cameras?

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Vehicle Types:
Fixed Cab Truck/Lorries
Articulated Lorries


8 Reasons to convert to a fleet insurance policy

Reason #1 – One renewal date for all vehicles.

No more having to remember to renew each vehicle as and when they are due. Your broker will look after your renewal ensuring you get the most competitive rates, saving you time and hassle not to mention the extra stress. How simple does that make it?!

Reason #2 – Much less admin and only one contract and payment.

Let’s face it, paperwork is the worst part of any job so anything that can cut down on it must be a good thing. One contract and one payment means less time sorting through files and more time doing the things you want or need to do to grow your business.

Reason #3 – No Claims Bonus (NCB) can be carried across to the fleet policy.

So you’ve worked hard to protect your no claims bonus discount all this time and prevented accidents where possible, are rewarded for it when you renew? Well, have no fear, you can usually transfer across the NCB straight to your new fleet policy and reap the rewards of lower insurance premiums.

Reason #4 – Five+ vehicles will be VERY competitive.

If you have 3 or more vehicles individually insured, a fleet insurance policy could be a cheaper option. Fleet policies with five or more vehicles are nearly always cheaper than separately insuring vehicles.

Reason #5 – The bigger the vehicles (Vans or Trucks) the more competitive the premium.

Right now the insurance market is very competitive for fleets with vehicle classes of 3.5t and over. Our brokers have access to the leading fleet underwriters and are often able to secure better cover for a lower a premium.

Reason #6 – 
Fleet specialist account managers and importantly fleet specialist claims handling.

Individual insurance policies often don’t include the specialist services that fleet clients need, such as like for like replacement vehicles. With a fleet policy you’re in safe hands from the word go, with everyone from your broker, to the claims handling service being specialists in the needs of your fleet.

Reason #7 – Drivers can drive any vehicles.

Fleets always tell us that having the flexibility for any driver to drive any vehicle is one of the biggest perks to having fleet insurance. They are able to schedule their working days more efficiently without the worry of who’s insured to drive which vehicle or the hassle of amending policies.

Reason #8 – New vehicles added with no-NCB get the same fleet rate.

If your fleet is expanding, with a fleet policy you’ll be pleased to know that even though they won’t have earned any No Claims Bonus (NCB), they will still benefit from the same great rates as the rest of the fleet.

Now you know the benefits of a fleet policy, get a quote for one in just a few minutes!

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