Benefits of Tracking Systems

It used to be that tracking systems were generally associated with vehicle security, but thanks to the continuing development and availability of technology, tracking systems are now playing a key role in thousands of UK’s businesses. There are a range of tracking systems available which include fleet, lone worker, stolen vehicle recovery and plant tracking, but which type is most suitable for you depend on your business requirements and the nature of your employees work. Whilst tracking systems share many benefits, in this article we outline just some of the many advantages of each type of tracking system.

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking solutions, also referred to as vehicle tracking or GPS vehicle tracking, are an essential business tool that provides companies with the insight they need to be able to operate their fleet more effectively and efficiently. Businesses that have installed a fleet tracking system have been able to achieve enormous savings, especially on costs such as fuel whilst at the same time increasing the productivity of their employees whether they are driving the vehicles or in the office. The key benefits of fleet tracking include:

  • Real Time visibility over vehicles.
  • Reduced fuel costs.
  • Improved driver efficiency and productivity.
  • Route Optimisation & Journey Planning.
  • Vehicle insurance premium discounts.
  • Prevention of employee mileage and timesheet inaccuracies and abuse.
  • Reduced time and expenditure on phone calls.
  • Improved Customer Service.
  • Reduced administration tasks for drivers and office staff.
  • Improved fleet optimisation. Increased vehicle security & driver safety.
  • Improved ability to monitor employee compliance with road related Health & Safety, Duty of Care and Working Time Directive legislation.
  • Improved response time to customer requests leading to a competitive advantage.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Stolen vehicle tracking is at the forefront of combating vehicle theft and the inconveniences and financial loss that it can bring. These advanced but affordable systems ensure that when a vehicle is stolen it is quickly detected (if not already reported), recovered and reunited with its rightful owner. The effectiveness of stolen vehicle tracking in protecting vehicles against theft is attributed by insurance providers now insisting on these systems being installed for certain vehicles. The benefits include:

  • Increased vehicle security.
  • Stolen vehicles are quickly reunited with their owner.
  • Vehicle insurance premium discounts.
  • Prevents financial loss brought about by damage or policy excess charges as a result of theft.

Plant Tracking

Plant vehicles and machinery is a major theft target here in the UK and unfortunately many businesses have had to find this out the hard way. The introduction of plant tracking systems has substantially increased the number of stolen plant machinery that has been successfully recovered and returned to its rightful owner. Plant tracking systems are also being used by hire companies to monitor usage of their vehicles and ensure that customers are keeping to their hire agreements, being able to remotely immobilise the vehicle ensures that customers cannot use the vehicle if they break the terms of the agreement. The key benefits of plant tracking include:

  • Real Time visibility over Plant.
  • Increased Security.
  • Monitor usage/Proof of use.
  • Plant insurance premium discounts.

Lone Worker Tracking

Lone worker tracking has revolutionised the safety of employees working outside of a companies premises especially for those working in potentially high risk environments such as home visitors, environmental or construction site workers. Many modern lone worker systems allow companies to monitor their mobile workers location and status in real time but also, and importantly, provide the lone worker with a means to raise a discreet alarm to a 24/7 manned control centre or the office if they are in distress and in need of urgent assistance. Lone worker devices themselves come in many different shapes and sizes from wrist worn devices, identity badges, ruggedized mobile phones, small tags that can be comfortably carried in a pocket or a software solution that when downloaded to an existing GPS enabled mobile phone will act as a lone worker tracking device. The benefits include:

  • Provides total visibility of workforce.
  • Increases lone worker safety and peace of mind.
  • Helps companies to fulfil their duty of care and Health & Safety obligations.
  • Discreet and light weight devices that can be comfortably carried of form part of a uniform.
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