Fuel prices Rise in 2009 Budget

Following the announcement of the ‘Budget 2009’ where fuel prices are yet to increase again, one of the UK’s leading Vehicle Tracking Providers ‘Cybit’ have announced and produced a document named ‘White Paper’ to outline from the customers outlook, the benefits and impact vehicle telematics can make to a business by reducing fuel expenditure.

The chancellor announced that fuel will be rising by 2pence a litre, along with oil rising by 2%. The answer is to turn to Vehicle Tracking which benefits are now much broader to counteract these rises.

For just travelling an extra 24 miles per week, a 40 tonne vehicle can total a cost of up to £42 more to the business. If you run a fleet of 50-100 vehicles that work 42weeks of the year then the savings are phenomenal and installing tracking systems becomes a very attractive option.

‘Cybit’ have recently installed into some major companies such as May Gurney and Enterprise PLC. The ‘White Papers’ that they have produced are available for reading and they have been reported to say that they are hoping it will open up the vehicle tracking debate as telematics are reaching all areas of business.

The government have seemingly increased fuel prices in the new budget in order to support their long term plan of reducing vehicle emissions. In a recent report ‘Cybit’ advised that their systems have the capability to monitor vehicle emissions which reflects one of the key points in the chancellor’s budget.

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