Buying A Vehicle Tracking System

When buying a vehicle tracking system it is important to make sure you you ask the right questions and get the right information about the system you are buying and the company you have chosen.

It is important to look for tracking providers with a strong reputation in product quality. Smooth daily running and keeping vehicle downtimes to a minimum will be affected by the reliability of the tracking solution.

Choose the tracking system that is best tailored to be able to meet your operational requirements and budget. There are a wide range of options available and it is important that you choose only those that are suitable and of benefit to your business.

Check the financial stability of the supplier. Tracking is often provided on a leasing basis, typically over 3- 5 years, and credit checking a company will allow you to lease with confidence. An alternative is to pay for the tracking hardware upfront and pay for airtime and application charges on a monthly subscription avoiding the commitment of a long term lease.

Ensure that your tracking provider informs you of all relevant costs for the length of the contract i.e. monthly charges for software and airtime etc.

If necessary ensure that the unit can still be tracked if it is taken abroad and that detailed mapping is available. Also establish what costs will be incurred as roaming costs are not likely to be included in a standard package.

Clearly establish all geographic areas in which you require the tracking system to operate in, for example, UK, Europe or worldwide.

Request demonstrations and trialing of the tracking system before you commit to an agreement. This should allow you to ensure that the software application and implementation process are suitable and that the system fulfills all of your requirements.

Make sure that the tracking supplier provides good levels of customer support. Throughout the contract it is highly likely you will need ongoing technical assistance to maintain the tracking system.

Ensure that the tracking supplier provides a Service Level Agreement for installation work and a warranty for the full term of the contract.

Alternatively use’s unique service to take care of all points in the above buyers guide so you can select your supplier with complete confidence.

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