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SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA vehicle accident camera provides complete protection

Produced by SmartWitness, the SVC1080-LCA camera provides evidence to protect drivers against bogus or inaccurate claims following an accident or incident.

Such events include accidents unlawfully set up for the purpose of making fraudulent insurance claims; false and exaggerated whiplash claims; contradictory and opposing accounts of events; and speed-camera and traffic-signal disputes.

As a 1080P full HD vehicle accident camera with 3-axis G-sensor and GPS receiver, this device captures and accurately records data on a vehicle’s location, driving style – including speed, acceleration, braking and steering – and the impact-force involved with any incident.

Whatever the circumstances, developments leading up to and after an incident are accurately recorded – the result of the unit’s numerous high-specification features, including especially its 170° lens, which shows the road from behind the wheel and provides a comprehensive view of all events.

Small, discreet and unobtrusive – in order not to attract attention from passengers or pedestrians – this camera blends perfectly with any vehicle’s interior.


  • Image Sensor 3MP CMOS Sensor
  • Standard DSP
  • 170° Lens Angle and View
  • VGA Video Resolution (640×480), (1280×720) 720P
  • Adjustable recording speed going up to a max of 30 frames per second
  • Two recording modes; Parking mode and Non stop mode see below for more details
  • Recording Time: 4GB storage = 19 Hours or 32GB = 167 Hours
  • Backup SD Memory Card
  • Supports memory cards of up to 32GB
  • Loop overwrite recording function so that you never run out of recording space
  • Internal GPS, making sure you get accuracy of vehicle speed and location
  • 3-Axis G Force Sensor
  • Internal RTC Battery
  • Event Alarm, SD Card Error
  • 2 LEDs (Record, Overwrite)
  • Download PC software
  • 12V ~ 24V DC Power Input
  • Power Consumption 5W

Recording Modes

Non stop recording with a shock sensor to detect and mark any incident or accident
Parking recording, set the camera to switch on constant recording if the vehicle is parked for more than 5 minutes

Playback and Review:

The camera is bundled with easy to use playback software for PCs and Mac, giving you the option to:

  • Play recordings back
  • Search all footage by time and date
  • Search all footage by vehicle speed
  • Search all footage for incidents and accidents
  • Save screenshots in JPEG format
  • Save backups in AVI or MP4 formats

Additional Features:

  • The cameras can be fully integrated with Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View
  • Monitors driving Style by constantly looking at the acceleration, speed, braking and steering of the vehicle
  • Built-in battery backup in case the power supply is cut off in an incident or accident.

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Vehicle Cameras

Danger of vehicle blind spot revealed

Cyclists? What cyclists? This semi-truck’s nearside mirror shows the area next to it to be totally clear. But watch a little longer as the view changes and the same space is shown from outside the cab.

Amazingly, up to ten people are waiting alongside the lorry. Where did they spring from? The simple truth is they are sitting in its blind spot – a big, dangerous space not shown by mirrors and completely out of the driver’s vision.

As media reports have highlighted, in recent years scores of cyclists have been killed and injured because of blind spots. Now, thanks to Brake and other road safety campaigners, many fleet operators have begun fitting multi-camera systems. These onboard CCTV systems, each with their own in-cab monitor, not only reduce such unseen areas by up to 98% but also improve manoeuvrability. At the same time, they ensure insurance claims are dealt with and cleared up rapidly, and fair, accurate outcomes reached.

Other benefits include discounted insurance claims, and the prevention of 50/50 claims, non-fault claims, and crash-for-cash scams.

The value of multi-camera systems in terms of lives saved is, of course, incalculable.

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Vehicle Cameras

Crash-for-cash fraudsters target van drivers

Drivers of light commercial vehicles are being deliberately targeted by crash-for-cash fraudsters.

Vehicle Cameras

Sharp rise in witness-camera interest follows crash-for-cash reports

Requests for information about witness cameras have risen sharply at following last week’s reports on crash-for-cash fraud.

Vehicle Cameras

93% of fleet operators want all CVs equipped with witness cameras

A total of 93% of fleet operators would like to see witness cameras installed in all commercial vehicles, a snap poll by has revealed.