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Why you need vehicle tracking

Today, more than 25% of light commercial vehicles and more than 40% of HGVs are fitted with vehicle tracking – otherwise known as telematics. This is not surprising given that modern systems save as much as £2,000 per vehicle per year, and routinely make productivity improvements of more than 20%.

So you can hardly afford not to invest in tracking. More to the point – what is the best system for you? This is precisely where TrackCompare comes in: so complete the details in the box above and compare now.

Tracking brings a host of major benefits

With online vehicle tracking you can see where your vehicles are on-screen 24/7, allowing you to divert drivers to meet customers in seconds. What’s more, most systems provide details of each driver’s speed, driving behaviour, fuel consumption – and even any unauthorised use.

Also, thanks to live and historic reports, you’ll find you can manage your business better, improve efficiency, boost productivity and cut costs. At the same time, each of your drivers will remain in constant touch and stay better protected.

Pays for itself in a few short months

One of the most important facts to bear in mind is this: a typical tracking system pays for itself in just a few short months – based on fuel savings alone.

Less than 1% of the cost of putting a van on the road

Here’s another remarkable fact: tracking amounts to less than 1% of the cost of putting a van on the road.


Consider these typical monthly figures: driver – £1400, fuel – £400, van – £200, tax and insurance – £150. Total – £2150 (and that doesn’t include maintenance, spares and repairs).

And the price of an average tracking system? Just £17.50 a month – or, put another way, a tiny 0.8% of the total cost of keeping a van motoring.

Yes, that’s less than 1% plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing (in order of costs):

With tracking you can be sure…
  • Your van is secure, well utilised and being driven correctly
  • Your driver is safe and productive at all times
  • Your fuel is being used in the most efficient way
  • You are HMRC compliant
  • Risky driving isn’t affecting your insurance premiums

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Ideal for any vehicle, all fleet sizes

The great thing about tracking is it brings big savings whether you’re operating two or three vans or a thousand-strong mixed fleet of cars, vans and HGVs.

At TrackCompare we’ll help you compare tracking systems that match your particular needs and provide full and comprehensive details in easy to understand comparison tables.

How vehicle tracking actually works

By now you might well be wondering how vehicle tracking actually works! Well, the heart of every system is a small electronic box. Installed in a car, van or HGV it reports the vehicle’s exact position, speed, direction of travel – plus details about the way it’s being driven – back to the tracking company’s servers.

With modern systems, this information is displayed on-screen – live maps showing each vehicle’s location. Reports covering historic management information are also provided.

For more information simply compare online now or call 0800 096 0400.

Vehicle Tracking

Keenly-priced canDO GPS tracking available through TrackCompare

canDO GPS, which offers the full list of essential tracking features for less than half the cost of traditional systems, is now available through TrackCompare.

Vehicle Tracking

January was record month for vehicle tracking quotes

TrackCompare received a record number of enquiries about vehicle tracking last month.

Vehicle Tracking

MiX Telematics and TrackCompare join forces

MiX Telematics has become the latest fleet management specialist to be represented by TrackCompare.

Vehicle Tracking

RAC Telematics most popular vehicle tracking system in November

RAC Telematics was TrackCompare’s most popular vehicle tracking system in November.

Vehicle Tracking

RAC Telematics joins TrackCompare

The RAC have joined forces with TrackCompare to promote the launch of their new telematics solution designed for business fleets. The solution which launched in mid-2013 is the first telematics system we have seen that focuses on using the vehicles ODB (On-Board Diagnostics) port.

Vehicle Tracking

Telematics leader Ctrack joins TrackCompare

Global telematics brand Ctrack has joined forces with TrackCompare to promote its leading vehicle tracking solution to UK fleets. Ctrack who have installed over 750,000 units in 51 countries are part of the Digicore group of companies.

Vehicle Tracking

Surge in demand for stolen-vehicle tracking reported

Telematics specialist TrackCompare has seen a surge in demand for stolen-vehicle tracking over the past month.

The online comparison site has received most of its enquiries from fleet operators in the Essex and London areas, although almost as many have come from Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Vehicle Tracking

Roadsense tracks Iceland Foods home delivery fleet

Roadsense has been chosen by Iceland Foods to provide telematics for the company’s rapidly expanding home delivery fleet.

Vehicle Tracking

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