TrackCompare can now arrange for a CPC trainer to visit your premises or local venue in which to hold the course. The deadline grows ever closer and more and more companies are looking to start getting their drivers through there CPC training modules in time for the 10th September 2014 deadline.

The problem many businesses have found is that the CPC courses on offer are not located nearby to their business. For this reason TrackCompare came up with a solution to this problem. Now if you have a team of 9 or more drivers TrackCompare can offer you CPC courses at your premises.

You will need a room which can accommodate all the drivers and trainer. If you do not have a suitable room to host the course in then we can host it at a local hotel, village hall or some other suitable premises.

All drivers will be obliged to do 5 x 7 hour modules before the deadline, so a training course which can be arranged at a date and location to suit your business could be the answer to the CPC training problem.

The courses cost only £65+VAT per person, per module and include the JAUP download. Many CPC course prices quoted do not include this and will quote the JAUP download as an additional cost. To book a course or ask any questions please get in touch on 0845 299 6555 or click here to view a comparison of the training courses available.