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Diesel is dead. What comes next?

Diesel is dead. What comes next?

Diesel technology is a thing of the past but what is the next big thing, self-driving cars or electric cars?

62% of the automotive executives in the UK expect diesel powered cars to disappear from manufacturers line-up in the near future. This is unsurprising however as in a recent survey by KPMG they found that almost all (93%) of car manufacturers plan to invest in electric cars over the next 5 years.

The survey also showed that most believe electric vehicles will dominate the automotive market by 2025. Although most believe that until then other automotive car technology will take priority such as self-driving cars.

The UK is expected to be an early adopter of self-driving cars due to the greenbelt policy which has created areas of dense urban population. These areas would be likely to see the largest savings to people using self-drive taxis.

With more people adopting cheaper self-driving taxis it is likely that less people will actually own cars. This will obviously lead to less money within the car manufacturing industry. However, most car companies aren’t too worried as they believe they will make more money providing digital services.

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