Yet another cost saving benefit of GPS vehicle tracking systems has emerged thanks to an expert witness statement by Barry Neill IT director of Navman Wireless. His evidence enabled a successful challenge to be made in a speeding ticket case.

Van driver Gareth Powell disputed an accusation that he was clocked by a police speed gun on the A4174 near Bristol on 28th November 2008, travelling at 61mph in 50mph zone. Powell maintained he was travelling at less than 50mph and felt positive he had not exceeded the limit, so he sought the help of Navman Wireless who were able to prove from their vehicle tracking records that he never exceeded 48mph.

The Judge at Bath and Wansdyke Magistrates Court on 30th October 2009 dismissed the case, having accepted as evidence the advice from Navman Wireless that under good conditions, (which were prevalent on the day ) GPS tracking technology is accurate to within three metres.

Having a GPS vehicle tracking device installed saved this driver from having to pay a hefty fine, a possible six points on his licence and increased insurance costs for his company. The potential will not be lost on any company, small or large, which has been forced to accept false readings from radar guns and pay the penalty unfairly.