Londons Brewery Group welcomes GPS Satellite Tracking

It has recently been reported that an avid campaigner against parking fines and endorsements has created a vehicle tracking system that can put a stop to unnecessary and unavoidable parking fines. London Brewery’s pay out approximately 3 million in parking fines every year and have no choice but to commit the crime and pay the hefty fines. There are simply just not the areas to park in which are not restricted. The aim of theses tracking devices is to firstly offer the employer real time positioning of their vehicles and relate performance stats. However, the plan most importantly is to alert the council when a vehicle will be approaching a public house for drop off or collection, the council can then create a virtual loading bay for a certain period of time and also alert traffic wardens via their hand held devices that these vehicles have permission to be there for a certain amount of time. The system can also alert the public house prior to the drop off so they can have the doors open and be at the ready so the transition is fast and smooth to avoid as little disruption as possible. This has been such a breakthrough that the system is reportedly wanted in India for their local transport systems and has been invested in by a company who believes this product is to be a great success. The benefits of this system are surely going to expand and no doubt be introduced to many other freight services that come across this problem. It will dramatically reduce the administration time that companies waste on processing all the parking fines and of course a great deal of money. The company responsible for this have named their product as Fleetm8.

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