Looking Inside GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices can provide a great deal of information to the user. If you want to know more of what they can offer you consider the examples we have provided below. These examples provide you with information to help you choose the right system for your personal vehicle or fleet. Each GPS vehicle tracking device will provide location data. This data gives longitude and latitude within degrees, minutes, and seconds. The device can also give you a close estimate to within 30+ feet of the actual car. About every two to fifteen minutes the GPS vehicle tracking system will update its location. As an owner of a vehicle tracking device you will be able to set the update of location to your needs. 1. Each vehicle tracking device will be able to show you the closest driver to a consumer for a pickup. You don’t have to call the employee or check the map. The information is readily available at your fingertips. 2. You can also calculate the speed your drivers are going using the vehicle tracking devices. If you want to know who is speeding you just have to look at your system. You can also set the system up to have the truck capped at a certain speed or have alerts trigged when the vehicle is going too fast. Often times an employee who speeds often used more petrol and can cause more wear on the vehicle. You can also see who offers the best image of your company when it comes to speed. 3. If you need to know the direction a vehicle is moving you will also be able to track that with the tracking system. 4. Do you need to know if the driver is leaving a location or just getting somewhere? All you have to do is use the vehicle tracking system to find out. There is a geographic location option, which will alert you when a driver reaches or leaves a location. The alerts are either emails or telephone calls depending on how you might have it set up. 5. Do you need to know when the truck gets back to the warehouse or whether they can get in? Geofence and other vehicle tracking systems can share that data with you. 6. Even if you have to leave the office you can still get alerts about the drivers and the vehicles. You can just have them sent to your phone via calls or email messages. The reports are fast and always updated. In fact you can get alerts regarding an employee’s fastest speed for the day if you like. 7. If you need to know if a driver is going excessively over the speed limit more than once a day or several times a month a report related to every vehicle or the one you are interested in can be printed out for you. 8. The vehicle tracking systems work with Excel to help you generate data, which means you can track the average miles driven per day for a month, several months, or even a year. 9. Do you need to track when and where the vehicle was on or off? For example someone might stop and get a bite to eat while they are at work. You can find out if a vehicle is parked where it shouldn’t be and for how long. This allows you to dock pay if necessary. 10. There are even idle reports that can be generated for you. If you need to know how long an employee sat somewhere with the engine and whether it was necessary just have one of the reports created for your perusal. 11. An engine that idles can be unnecessary and wasteful of petrol. As the owner of a system you can set how much data the vehicle tracking device will collect and when maintenance needs to be done especially if the vehicle is in idle a lot. 12. Do you need reminders for maintenance like oil changes? The information is recorded by the vehicle tracking system for your benefit. 13. The vehicle tracking devices like the GPS devices will help you locate an employee anytime with a map included. For example if the employee needs a new route because a road is closed you can help them find their way. If they say they are at a certain location but on the map they are not, you can question them further with evidence. Sometimes navigating a city in a truck is very difficult, especially if the driver is alone. Having the GPS and navigation will cut down on unnecessary time wasted. GPS tracking devices offer numerous amounts of information and some have not even been listed above. You can see just how much it could help you manage your fleet though.

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