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[CASE STUDY] Marshalls – “Due to save 10% on logistics costs thanks to telematics”

[CASE STUDY] MARSHALLS – “Due to save 10% on logistics costs thanks to telematics”

Established in 1890 by Solomon Marshall, Marshalls is now a market Leader in the manufacturing of landscaping materials such as paving slabs and aggregates. In 2001 Marshalls bought Stancliffe Stone for £10 Million.

Marshals fleet now consists of over 200 vehicles including 173 44-tonne cranes which deliver their products to both domestic and commercial customers from several manufacturing sites across the UK.

marshalling-resources-cilt-safe-truckcs-feb-16_popupWith such a large and busy fleet Marshals are well aware of the need for telematics and have invested in it over the last 10 years. They currently are using TomTom Telematics after going through an extensive selection process to find their preferred fleet management system.

Part of their set up includes ruggedized tablets (Supplied by TomTom) which integrate tracking with “Electronic proof of deliver” systems. The telematics also integrates with drivers in-cab terminals to provide super accurate satellite navigation.

Marshal’s Regional Logistics and Fleet Manager, Guy Ripley said “we expect to save 10% across the company” He added that most of this saving will come from savings in fuel.

Guy said the feedback has been great from the drivers, who are always quick to voice their opinion.

Marshalls have also reached the gold standard level of FORS with help from the tracking system

‘Tracking is vital for us in improving safety and operations and reporting on reduced emissions and fuel usage.”

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