887 Million Vehicles Manufactured Worldwide In 10 Years!

887 Million Vehicles Manufactured Worldwide In 10 Years!

On New Years Eve 1879 the first petrol powered car took its first journey. 138 years later there are now 1.4 billion vehicles on the road and it is impossible to imagine a world without them.

The world population has grown by a massive 13% in just 10 years, but in the same time period the number of vehicles on the road has increased by a staggering 42%. The number of new vehicles purchased each year has increased by 33%.

With the number of vehicles increasing at such a significantly higher rate than the number of people on the planet, it is no surprise that the worlds car manufacturers are looking at alternatives to diesel and petrol powered vehicles. Oil is a finite resource which will come to an end eventually, but more importantly petrol and diesel will continue to go up in price. Electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are a couple of alternatives which are on the rise.

There is also the environmental impact which an ever-increasing number of vehicles poses, including rising co2 emissions, the material resources used in vehicle manufacturing and the disruption to wildlife from an ever-increasing number of roads being built.

It is probably no surprise that the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world is China. But while America has seen a decrease in vehicle manufacturing over the past 40 years, they still remain the second biggest manufacturer in the world. But China manufacture almost double the number of vehicles, so there is a big gap between China and the US and indeed the rest of the world.

See the infographic below which shows the full story behind the worlds love affair with the motor vehicle.

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