Npower launch Vehicle Tracking with TomTom Work

TomTom Work have recently been reported to have secured a deal with npower, making TomTom their provider of a vehicle tracking and navigation system. This is a huge contract for TomTom and npower have been reported to say that they were put through a very stringent selection process which saw them picked out of 8 vendors all wanting the business of npower. Over the coming months TomTom are said to be installing approximately 1700 systems into npower’s vehicles which could possibly secure them further deals with such like customers.
Npower seemed to like the way that TomTom are able to allow users to log in to the systems using a unique pin number and therefore give their drivers the flexibility to move around vehicles plus offering them the tools to adhere to health and safety requirement. Npower were reported to say that TomTom are at the top of cutting edge technology and are able to grow with their business needs and expand areas of technology where needed so their future with them can continue to grow. Npower are passionate about improving efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint and these devices can offer them just that. On top of this the tracking systems offer satellite navigation tools adding to correct arrival times and quicker, faster routes to take.
Companies have an obligation to protect Lone Workers and adhere to the Working Time Directive and it seems TomTom and npower will be using Vehicle Tracking Systems to do just that.

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