Pay As You Go Vehicle Tracking Systems

One of the industry leaders in Fleet Tracking Systems ‘Quartix’ have just announced that they are due to launch a ‘pay as you go’ product for the ever increasing tracking industry. This is a new approach to the way you can purchase tracking systems and will be welcomed by many. Although the tracking industry is thriving in many ways it is also struggling as finance companies are loathe to loan money at the moment, pretty much to any establishment. Finance being the way GPS systems have been purchased or indeed outright purchase, has left some Fleet Management businesses with serious problems. ‘Quartix’ will be offering 3 packages ranging from a system that offers a basic route tracker and time sheets to a more involved system offering KPI organisers and route planning. They will require a commitment of 3 months and then there is no notice period to terminate the usage. This is such great news for so many companies out there who are desperately seeking fleet tracking systems but are just not able to gain the finance required or of course buy outright. It would be great if more companies are able to start offering such a service so the industry can continue to grow from strength to strength. In a recent report it was said that some companies have found they are saving approximately £2000 per year on a single vehicle. If you are a company with 100 vehicles or more then your savings are incredibly high. With this new program in place ‘Quartix’ are looking to increase their business by approximately 600 customers this year, putting their installations up to approximately 28,000 per year. With ‘Quartix’ now being able to offer 3 solutions for payment of a fleet management system and an easy online tool for purchase, it remains to be seen if they will storm the market or will other companies be close behind with this new method. This is an extremely favourable upturn in this current climate and brings much hope to companies that need this product to make the savings.

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