Police set to target drivers using mobile phones

Police set to target drivers using mobile phones

In a week-long crackdown, police across England and wales will target motorist that are using their mobile phones whilst driving.

This operation comes after government plans to double the points and fines handed out for the offence and will the use of messages on road signs and dedicated patrols.

“We aim to make ‘driving distracted’ as socially unacceptable as drink driving”. Said the National Police Chiefs’ Council

A similar week-long campaign took place back in May and ended up with 2,323 offences recorded across the 7 days. This time the campaign follows a report by the RAC released in September suggesting that the number of drivers using phones is rising.

The report states that back in 2014 just 8% of drivers admitted they had used their phone whilst driving. That figure has now risen to a shocking 31%

During this week campaign police will work alongside paramedics to educate drivers on the risks involved in using a phone behind the wheel

In the police’s armoury for this week will be unmarked vans, helmet cams, high-seated vehicles and high vantage points to catch offenders, all on dedicated patrols.

Police social media pages will also be used as a vital tool in this campaign showing videos and messages to educate drivers and encourage community support.

“It won’t work”

says Paul Newman, the founder of charity Handsoff. In 2006, Paul’s sister, Ellen, was killed by a driver who was using a mobile phone.

He said “all the policing in the world” would not work and that the industry had a “huge responsibility” in fixing the problem.

“This is just the beginning; the car has been bombarded by technology and nobody is taking notice of it.

“It’s worse than ever out there and it’s never going to stop. There will be a crackdown but that will go away, give it a few weeks and back to normal. It won’t work.”

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