Police Tracking with GPS

Police cars are now coming equipped with GPS tracking devices in order to thwart crimes and bring the thieves to justice. The ACPO or Association of Chief Police Offices came up with the idea for the Police Response Systems that they have in their vehicles.

These vehicle tracking devices have a reference number that works with the system operating centre. The system operating centre will give a number to a crime, which will then be sent to the control room. This allows the police to grab their vehicles, track the signal and stop the crime while it is in action. There are some instances that may be difficult for the police to track a vehicle. For example if your car doesn’t have the required device or meet the standards of the ACPO it can be harder to track.

The police will still follow the information they are given and try to recover the vehicle. Unfortunately vehicles that don’t have tracking devices are rarely recovered because the cars are usually shipped out, repainted, and chopped.

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