Shocking number of drivers caught on their phones more than once

The shocking number of drivers caught on their phones more than once has been revealed

In the last 4 years nearly 10,000 drivers have been caught being distracted whilst driving on more than one occasion

Over 600 drivers were caught three times and 1 person was even caught five times!
These numbers were unearthed by a BBC Radio 5 live freedom of information request to the DVLA.

“authorities are not taking the offence seriously enough” says BRAKE the road safety charity and these figures prove that.

Plans for tougher penalties are being pushed ahead says the government

These numbers come following the news that Tomasz Kroker will be jailed for 10 years after he killed a family of 4 whilst distracted by his phone behind the wheel of a HGV. Read more about that story and watch the dashcam footage released by police here

This data covers 4 years as that’s how long the DVLA keeps its data for and refers to people who committed CU80 (Breach of requirements as to control of the vehicle, mobile telephone etc) offence which also carries 3 penalty points

The DVLA said “Although 238,694 people have been caught driving while distracted at least once, just 284 have received a ban as a result”

Number of drivers that received a CU80 from 2012-2015:

  • Once – 228,301 drivers
  • Twice – 9,722 drivers
  • Three times – 638 drivers
  • Four times – 32 drivers
  • Five times – one driver

According to Brake. Between March 2010 and March 2014 The number of traffic officers on our roads dropped from 5,635 to 4,356. Campaigners say this is the real reason that the number of CU80s handed out dropped form 68,409 to 42,950 in the same time period.

“these statistics are astonishing and worrying” said the campaigns director for Brake, Gary Rae, adding ‘Tougher sanctions are needed’
“It’s further evidence that the authorities are not taking illegal use of mobiles behind the wheel seriously enough. We need tougher sanctions on drivers who use their devices when driving, and that includes increasing both the fines and penalty points,” he said.

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