The US Presidential election 2016 – The day is finally here

The US Presidential election 2016 – The day is finally here

The most powerful country on earth will today vote for their new leader. The consequences of which will echo across the world, whomever is picked. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

When America picks its president, they also become commander-in-chief of the largest military on the planet. So, as you can imagine It’s a big responsibility and comes with a lot of power.

In the final days before the vote both candidates have been frantically traveling all over America, both holding rallies in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan – all could be decisive states in the election.

Clinton has encouraged voters to back a “hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America”

Meanwhile Trump said voters had a “magnificent chance to beat the corrupt system”.

Polls suggest that Clinton, Democrat, has the lead over the republican Trump. So far a record number of US citizens have registered their vote early by post or polling stations.

The Hispanic population is said to be in high turnout for this vote and are believed to be mainly in favour of Clinton.

In the early hours of this morning, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump held their final rallies. Mrs Clinton in Raleigh, North Carolina and Trump in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mr Trump, pledged to reverse job losses. “Today the American working class is going to strike back, finally,”

Whilst Mrs Clinton said the US people did not “have to accept a dark and divisive vision of America”.

In this so far bitter campaign, candidates have swapped insults and become caught up in a series of scandals. They have often been trending on social media for good or bad and have been the subject of many an internet meme or stand-up comedians routine.

At an all-star event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with an invitation list to rival the Oscars, Clinton was joined on stage by Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi as well as President Obama and his wife Michelle.

Mr Obama urged voters to “reject fear and choose hope”.

Whilst in Scranton in the same state, Mr Trump insisted the momentum was with his campaign. Referring to a recent FBI investigation he described Mrs Clinton as the “most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency”. This investigation looked into Mrs Clinton’s time serving as secretary of state between 2009 and 2013 and her use of a private email server.

Following a series of sex assault allegations made against Mr Trump, the French President Francois Hollande said trump made him “want to retch”. Trump denies the allegations, and a recording of him making obscene remarks about women.

Trump is often accused of fear mongering and encouraging xenophobia after saying he would ban Muslims from entering the US, describing Mexicans as “rapists” and saying he would build a wall along the US southern border to stop illegal immigration.

When will we know who has won?


The first polls will begin to close about 11pm GMT (6pm ET),but things will get a lot more interesting about 1am GMT (8pm ET) when they close in key battlegrounds like Pennsylvania. If Clinton doesn’t take this state, it will be a massive blow to her campaign.

The final result is estimated to be announced between 0400-0500 GMT tomorrow morning

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