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Top 5 Dashcam Videos

Take a look at our top 5 dash cam videos for this month

Man with no seat-belt flies out of convertible

Terrifying video footage filmed in Cape Town shows an occupant of a BMW convertible flying out of the car during an accident on the N2.

This cop doesn’t mess around

American police officer doesn’t waste anytime deploying his taser when he pulls up behind this driver. Was this an over reaction or justified? Comment below.

To be fair this guy kinda had it coming to him

Crazy guy runs into street & smashes into car and somehow manages to walks away

Angry road rage on the streets of essex

Brutal dash cam footage shows the moment a furious driver punches a fellow motorist several times through his open window.

Some more crazy road rage with an axe and a gun

I’m surprised the driver in this footage dint run the axe wielding attacker over!

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