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Tracking linked car insurance policies up 64% but fleet car tracking remains stagnant

Vehicle tracking has instilled fear in the minds of drivers since its launch in the 1990’s. Terms such as big-brother, spying and mistrust are often used by drivers uncomfortable with the technology. Recent figures from the insurance industry however point to a change in perception with the uptake of vehicle policies linked to tracking up 64% since July 2012.

The negative perception of vehicle tracking is something we have covered many times previously and whilst the insurance sector is making headway, fleet vehicle tracking is still lagging behind. Market research estimates that less than 3% of fleet cars are currently being tracked.

A recent TrackCompare state of the market survey of 500 fleets reveals that privacy is still one of the biggest concerns and a major barrier to adoption. But in an age where so much of what we do as drivers is already tracked, are these fears outdated?

Tracking systems have been slow recognise this concern with very little development and innovation in this area over the last decade. The uptake of tracking related insurance shows that if drivers are comfortable with how their data will be used and the benefits of being tracked outweigh the negatives the barriers can be broken down.

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