Upgrading Your Tracking System

If you have less than 18 months outstanding on the contract for your current vehicle tracking system then this is for you. By upgrading your tracking system you can reduce your monthly tracking cost by up to 20% and you can benefit from the latest developments in vehicle tracking.

Over recent years the cost of vehicle tracking has become significantly cheaper and the technology has evolved at an impressive rate, making more companies see the benefits of renewing their vehicle tracking contracts to benefit from these improvements.

Why should your company upgrade?

Having introduced a vehicle tracking system to your company you know the benefits it already offers. In recent years there have been many innovations to further expand the flexibility of these packages such as:

Driver ID:

Driver ID is a system which requires drivers to identify themselves by presenting an electronic key before they can use a vehicle. Driver ID allows your company to record which drivers are using company vehicles and can even control who is able to start the vehicle and remotely immobilise the vehicle if required.

CAN-bus Integration:

A vehicle’s CAN-bus provides live information regarding the vehicles performance and status. A Canbus tracking system can share information on fuel consumption, engine RPM and much more adding to the ROI value of the tracking system. CAN-bus systems help increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle where and tear and are usually only considered for HGV’s.

Satellite Imagery:

This feature is essential to many tracking users and is a standard feature with many modern tracking systems. Satellite imagery provides satellite photographs (birds eye view i.e. Google maps) on the tracking application allowing users to more accurately identify where the vehicle is. This feature provides further information to help a user identify a vehicles location.

Frequent Updates:

Mobile data costs (GPRS) have become cheaper in recent years; allowing tracking users to receive more frequent vehicle location updates at a lower cost. Most modern systems report the vehicles status and location every 60 seconds and some are even more frequent.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring:

Tracking systems with Driver Behaviour Monitoring use an onboard accelerometer (senses acceleration, deceleration and movement in any direction) to feedback information on how well a vehicle is being driven. Driver Behaviour Monitoring reports on harsh breaking events, hard acceleration and fast cornering and can help reduce fuel usage, vehicle servicing and reduce accidents.

Other reasons to upgrade:

There are many other reasons why you may be seeking to upgrade your tracking system. It could be that your tracking provider is not supplying the service or product quality you expect, or that the provider is no longer in business and you are committed to the remaining lease payments. Whatever the reason for you to want to upgrade, using TrackCompare will help you find a tracking upgrade solution that suits you and saves you money.

How does it work?

If you have less than 18 months remaining on your company’s vehicle tracking lease contract and you wish to renew early then many tracking providers are able to arrange a new lease that buys out your current lease. Due to the reductions in the cost of tracking seen over the past years, the new lease will not increase your monthly payments, and you may even benefit from a lower monthly payment whilst benefiting from and an up to date tracking system.

Usual Requirements:

– Less than 18 months outstanding on current lease contract

– New contract term normally a minimum of 3-5 years

What companies offer this?

Many tracking providers offer a tracking upgrade option, for more information please use our quick and easy comparison service.


Tracking upgrades allow companies that are locked into a tracking lease contract to benefit from implementing better technology at lower costs. It may be that your company has obtained more vehicles but you are waiting for your current contract to expire before you add the software to your growing fleet. With an upgrade you do not have to wait for your contract to expire, so can have comprehensive knowledge on where your entire fleet is, and how they are performing, in a matter of days.

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2 replies on “Upgrading Your Tracking System”

I have been trying to upgrade my vehicle tracking system for the last 3 months but have had a nightmare getting our lease renewed for a new deal, just got it sorted. There is no doubt you can save a lot of money doing this providing your current system is more than 2 years old.

Yes you can get a good deal upgrading with your vehicle tracking provider, but just beware of the length of time they want you to sign for.Could be expensive to get of if you need to.

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