Tracking Systems – FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding tracking systems:

Are tracking system difficult to use?

Tracking software is designed to be intuitiveand user friendly regardless of whether you are a member of the office team and need to know the current location of an asset or a manager who uses the system to analyse performance and efficiency. In fact, many tracking systems can be setup to work for you, as opposed to creating extra work for you, by keeping you updated on key information through real time alerts and other features such as scheduled email reports make accessing data faster and easier.

How many users can access a tracking system?

Most tracking system’s software can be accessed via a secure web page from any computer that has an internet connection; normally with this type of software there is not a restriction on the number of users that can be setup.

Some tracking systems use ‘Thin Client’ software which requires a small application to be downloaded to each computer that the tracking system will be accessed from. Again there is not normally a limit to the number of computers this can be downloaded to or the number of users that can be setup but be sure to check with your chosen supplier before proceeding with a purchase.

Are tracking software applications regularly updated and what costs are there?

Tracking companies continually update their tracking systems to provide their customers with new features and to keep their systems up to date with what technology can provide. The majority of tracking suppliers provide these updates to their entire customer base without an additional charge, although certain features or services may come at an additional cost.

The mapping used by tracking system is also frequently updated as construction projects are completed and new post codes are registered. As with software updates, most tracking providers will provide mapping updates to their customers free of charge, but we always recommend that you check with the supplier before making a purchase to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Can Tracking Systems Provide Mapping For Europe?

The majority of tracking systems are able to provide mapping in addition to the UK (although some countries may not have the same level of detail as others). Whilst the mapping itself does not normally incur an additional charge, tracking your assets when they are in a European country (including Republic of Ireland) does. This is because most tracking systems use the mobile phone data network to transmit their updates and, when in a country outside of the UK, they are subject to ‘roaming’ charges which can be costly. If your assets need to be tracked in Europe always check with your tracking supplier to confirm pricing beforehand.

Is there a minimum Fleet Size for vehicle tracking?

Even if you have just 1 vehicle you can still reap the benefits of installing a tracking system and the majority of tracking providers will be delighted to receive your business. There are some tracking suppliers that tend to focus on larger fleet sizes and may not be able to offer you the deal you are hoping for but be sure to use our no obligation comparison table and quotes service to make sure you that you are speaking to right suppliers for your requirements.

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