Tracking Your Way Through The Recession

With today’s market as it is and businesses struggling to remain afloat, the recession really is proving to be taking hold. Although with all the talk of Credit Crunch and redundancy upon us there seems there are still ways of reducing costs and increasing profits.

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are a critical tool in fighting the recession. Leading developers of these systems are encouraging business owners to see the many benefits Vehicle Tracking Software can bring when planning the future and ways to weather the financial downturn.

The numerous advantages of having fleet tracking installed include, fuel conservation, staff management, theft prevention, employee monitoring, and improved response times, which in turn increases customer satisfaction, productivity and decrease costs. It provides you with an all in one solution for many issues that are proving to be timely and costly.

Fleet tracking software works in conjunction with GPS tracking devices which provide detailed location and movement information on individual vehicles. This information can be viewed online in real time. The systems can be hard wired or simply placed in a vehicle or asset.

One of main benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems is the fuel efficiency improvements that they can offer. Tracking systems have been proven to reduce fuel costs by up to 20% and there are four key areas where they can help which include excessive speed, idling, unauthorised journeys and inefficient routes.

Vehicles travelling at 80 mph as opposed to 70mph can use up to 25% more fuel. A vehicle that idles for an hour a day can use up to 2 litres more fuel.

In addition to this it can provide you with a way of protecting your assets. With theft on the increase, which some may put down to the current climate, Tracking Systems can help business owners and authorities quickly locate a missing vehicle. GPS trackers have been credited with quickly solving thefts, or deterring theft entirely. Some insurance companies now provide discounts for vehicles installed with GPS trackers.

For business owners needing to keep payroll costs down, fleet tracking software provides valuable information on staff activity, including extended or extra breaks, unauthorised journeys and stops, unnecessary vehicle idling and late starts or early finishes. It prevents unauthorised out of hours use which in turn complies with Company Vehicle Tax Regulations and Working Time Directive.

Fleet tracking software is the easiest and most reliable way to determine which parts of your business are not operating efficiently and increases profits. Traditionally Vehicle Tracking Systems have been sold to high fuel users such as haulage firms and couriers but prices of these systems have fallen and are now readily available to blue and white collar fleets, passenger transport fleets and many more.

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