Vehicle Tracking Systems could reduce lorry crime

A recent report released by a freight intelligence company stated that lorry crime almost doubled in 2008 from the crime reported in 2007, costing the economy around one hundred million pounds. The reasons for the crime have been anything from opportunistic thieves to assaults on drivers and actual hijacking of the vehicles.
With vehicle tracking systems now being installed into many fleets, it is hopeful that these figures will decrease. Real time mapping and scheduling systems can help avoid drivers having to stop in danger zones (areas well know to thefts and attacks).
The safety of the driver is of upmost importance and therefore these tracking systems can incorporate panic buttons for the driver if ever in trouble. The systems can offer devices that can alert the office when the vehicle has entered a danger zone and has stopped or has not been in contact for an extended period of time. Managing a fleet both large and small is no easy feat and having GPS real time tracking makes this an easier and simpler task.
Although driver safety is the number one priority, recovering stolen goods is a must, as the cost is huge to any business. Having vehicle tracking installed can mean that the police can be alerted of the vehicles location and any possible escape routes.
Companies can use these tracking systems to educate their drivers to the dangers out there and how to react to incidents whilst saving thousands of pounds in fuel and increase customer satisfaction.

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