Following a survey of our customers we found that most companies who implement a tracking system never put a driver policy in place. We advise all our customers to implement a driver policy which sets out the purpose of the vehicle tracking system, and the obligations of both driver and employer regarding its use.

Existing customers can simply login to their account to download a free copy or alternatively simply make a price comparison of vehicle tracking systems, vehicle insurance, fuel cards or contract hire.

Why a driver policy is important

A driver policy could prevent possible legal action in the event that you needed to use the data from a tracking system in a disciplinary or employee management process. The policy has been drawn to ensure that both the company and their drivers are protected. With it, you can be confident that:

  • the tracking device will not be removed
  • if the device is damaged, you will be notified immediately
  • you will get maximum benefit from the tracking system
  • drivers cannot make any legal claim against your business for breaches of privacy

What it covers

The policy sets out:

  • how the tracking system will be used, and for what purpose
  • that the driver has consented to its use
  • your obligations as an employer regarding its use
  • the responsibility of the driver to report any damage
  • data protection and confidentiality guidelines

What it costs

TrackCompare is giving the policy away free when you make a price comparison for any of its products and services online. It can be used again and again for each of your drivers. Click here to register for your free copy.