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[VIDEO] This guy has the most British reaction to flipping a car ever!

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The most British reaction ever to flipping a car!

Watch this driver have the most British reaction ever after his car flips over when he tries to avoid an oncoming car on the wrong side of the road.

WARNING: Strong language.

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Christopher Telford had a lucky escape when his car flipped over as he tried to avoid a head on collision with a car in the wrong lane. Christopher admits he was lucky to walk away with very minor injuries and was in a state of shock as he has one of the funniest and calmest reactions to the whole experience. 

“Well that was f**king scary”

Luckily Christopher was testing out his head-cam when the incident happen and he caught it all on tape. Not only does this make for an amazing video to watch but without it, proving to the insurance company that the accident wasn’t his fault would have been near impossible. This highlights the huge benefits to having dashcams installed in your vehicles!

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