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We help our customers find the perfect energy solution for their business. Getting quotes from a panel of 21 suppliers offering 156 business tariffs with fixed pricing for up to five years.

We understand the importance of accurate bills and value our customer’s time which is why we recommend companies that offer free Smart Meters to all, regardless of annual spend.

  • 56% of our customers can save without switching supplier

  • The average company saves 27% on their energy bill when they compare quotes with us

  • After getting a quote, you could switch your energy plan in as little as 15 minutes
  • Friendly helpful advice and no obligation

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The average company saves 27% on their energy bill


56% of our customers can save without switching supplier


99% of companies could save with us

15 Mins

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We can compare Smart Meter quotes

Smart Meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters being rolled out to businesses across the UK.

By automatically reporting your precise usage to your supplier every night they ensure that your bills are always accurate and never estimated.

Installing a Smart Meter in your business doesn’t just mean accurate billing. It gives you better control of your electricity usage by allowing you to see where and when you’re using the most. This valuable data can help you make informed decisions about the amount of energy you use.

How will a Smart Meter benefit your business?

  • Accurate billing, no more estimated bills

    Our Smart Meters send daily readings so you are billed only for the electricity you actually use. Save additional time by not having to work through estimated bills or inaccurate charges.

  • Reduce your energy consumption

    When used in conjunction with a reporting and analyzing service, a Smart Meter provides you with a detailed breakdown of your energy consumption. Monitor valuable usage data at up to half hour intervals on a daily or monthly basis to identify ways to save energy.

  • Hassle-free service, professionally installed

    Smart Meters automatically send readings, so no more estimated bills or manual readings ever again. Installation is straightforward and will be completed within 60 days of your ‘go-live’ date with minimal disruption to your business.

Who could benefit from a smart meter?

Everyone. We can offer FREE smarter meters to absolutely all of our customers and any kind of business from village shops to manufacturing plants

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